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Dajana / Part Of Me

Until you hear this artist, you haven't heard anything! PART OF ME / DAJANA. 

We envision a world in which music may be shared freely, fairly, and across audiences, countries, and channels. We appreciate your participation in our community. ♫ 

We all require a means of self-expression. For Dajana, this has come from making music ever since she was a young child. Although she has dealt with identity issues throughout her life and as a child, these are only incidental components in her songs now. She is removing the layers to discover her own original sound and an authentic picture of her actual self as she works to stay connected to the present. 


A base current of soul and electro-pop melodies with organic elements flows throughout her work, despite the fact that her music is a modern fusion of genres. Her voice is the main center of her music, and it has a natural rawness since she sings in a lower range and connects to a darker voice that is uncommon among female musicians. Additionally, her work exudes a compelling sense of sincere closeness. Her thoughts carry weight even in her more upbeat tracks. This, in Dajana's opinion, is due to the fact that "the melodies I create are an expression of my thoughts and feelings that I wouldn't be able to say." For me, the process of creating music is really contemplative and clean. 

Early on, Dajana developed a love of music and began teaching herself to play the keyboard by ear. Her musical career began with the Swedish TV program "Fame Factory," but later albums put her in a box in the recording studio. She has finally reached a point when her music comes entirely from the heart, allowing her to finally reveal who she truly is to the world.

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