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    Don't Cover Me / 2023 feel the WAVE!               Powerful touching uplifting 

Finding new artists to obsess over, put on constant repeat, and rely on to communicate our deepest joys, sorrows, and wishes is one of life's greatest thrills. Although some of the artists on "Flyershot" have been active for a while, they are about to deliver their best work. Some of our favorite Music video's 2023. And others are still generating new sounds that may define important future trends. Their musical tastes are quite diverse, ranging from dreary ambient to brutal hardcore to superb Afropop, but they are all pointing in new directions. The time is now to discover your new favorite On Flyershot! 

Flyershot gives you the most inspiring, powerful, and never-before-seen independent music videos from across the world! 2023. We are excited to announce the opening of our online store, On Ebay. We truly hope you enjoy shopping with us! Take A Shot! Check us out on Ebay, too ...

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